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Best Romantic Suspense
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

RT recently announced their list of nominees for the 2011 RT Book Review awards. I’m pleased to announce that Darkness at Dawn was nominated for Best Romantic Suspense! Winners will be announced in the May edition of RT.

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Shadows at Midnight
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Dying For Siena
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Hello and welcome to my site! Pull up a chair, let me pour you a glass of Prosecco. Here, have some olives, slices of home-cured ham and bites of pecorino cheese. This is Italy, after all. The senses must be pleased, it’s the law. Teetotallers and dieters are not allowed on this site.

This is a site for those who love good writing—whether a sumptuous literary novel you can just sink into or a thriller or romance that gets the heart pumping—and who feel writing and books are as important and necessary as I do. I can’t imagine a world without books—whether paperback or ebook makes no difference.

It’s also a site for those who love Italy. Whether you’ve visited and cherish the memories or whether a trip to Italy is a much-desired goal, it’s a country that looms large in the human imagination. So stay tuned, check in often to read my blog—Blogging in Paradise—featuring scenes of life in Italy and guest blogs from friends.

I’ll also be reporting often on the doings at the finest international writers’ conference on earth—the Women’s Fiction Festival.

So sit back and relax. Put on a CD of Mango or Teresa de Sio and enjoy my site to the beat of Neapolitan rock.

Buon divertimento!

Women's Fiction Festival 2011

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Darkness At Dawn
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